Filthy Fifty

DISCLAIMER: This post is super long…FYI & I can’t figure out why it is in all caps- I’m not yelling…lol

Today is the absolute most sore I’ve ever been following a workout. EVER. I literally had a hard time getting up and down the stairs. Not good. I guess I can thank the best coach ever, Mike at Reebok CrossFit BareCove in Hingham (Here’s your shout-out, Chris!). Let me tell you about Mike- he’s the most intense human I have ever encountered. He is on- all the time. He is one of the nicest, most motivating people I’ve ever met. BOOM. It could be his southern charm, or the fact that he is a CF beast, I’m not sure- and it doesn’t matter. He’s the best. Even when he incorporates those God forsaken burpees into a WOD! 🙂
Ok now that I’ve let you know how much I like my coach (almost creepily, LOL), Let’s get to the insane things that I did these past few days.

A few acronyms that you should know:
CF- CrossFit
WOD- Workout of the day
AMRAP- As Many Reps As Possible
Rep- A repetition or one instance of given exercise
Set- A group of repetitions
Chipper- A workout with many reps and many movements (you chip away at it)
Burpees- some sort of hell only Satan himself could ever dream up- YouTube a video of them, and then do a bunch of them, and then you’ll know what I’m talking about.
Those are good for now- there may be more later

So for anyone who doesn’t know- I’m a radiation therapist- I work at the VA hospital; I treat veterans with cancer. My job can be taxing- mentally mostly, but sometimes physically. For the most part, the veterans are absolutely hilarious. But at the end of the day, they are sick. and they need help. The end of the week is the best- I can decompress and get away from the department for a few days. I never thought that CF would be the way I would unwind! Especially after yesterday’s workout. Our coach posts the WOD online the night before. I made the biggest mistake by reading it. It was called the “Filthy Fifty.” I was having anxiety all day. Mild heart palpitations and couldn’t get it out of my head- the fact that I wasn’t sure I would be able to finish such a workout. I thought about skipping class- but I had talked about it so much to my coworkers & I knew they would ask me about it on Monday- I had to represent!

Here’s what the workout consisted of:

For time: (30 minute time cap)
50 Box jump, 24 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 KB Swings
50 Lunges
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press
50 Supermans
50 Wall ball shots
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

Oh yeah, and I forgot the warmup- 2 rounds of 300m row, some sort of acrobatic movements on hanging ring ropes, & that’s all I can remember. LOL. So after all that- do that absolutely crazy filthy fifty. CRAZY. He’s out of control. I had to do some scaling- there’s no way I’d be jumping on a 24in box- that’s for the advanced class. I used a weight plate and jumped on that instead. For lunges- I can’t get that low- not yet at least. So I did my own version of a lunge. Instead of the Knees to Elbows- I did AB mat situps. I’ll be able to get to these movements soon enough!! I sort of felt out of my league during this class. The people in my class were way advanced & crazy crossfitters. But, I was there & they would have to deal with a new person! For some reason I always feel like I’m being judged in class- it’s just my craziness- everyone is usually focusing on their own workout! So it was 3..2..1…GO. and I went to town. I had to pace myself, because I knew that if I busted through a certain movement, I wouldn’t be able to finish another. For the most part, I was keeping up with the others- until my Ab mat situps came into play. I hate those. I can get through a bunch and then my body is like, nope, you’re all done. But I pressed on. I got to the Wall ball shots- and I got stuck in the squat position more than once. haha. but I got all 50 in before time was called. I didn’t get to the burpees (so sad..not!) or the double unders (AKA jumping in place for me), but I finished a majority of the WOD. I couldn’t believe it. I felt as though I was going to puke right after. and I couldn’t breathe really. but I finished. Next time this WOD comes around- I will finish the whole thing- I promise you that.
When I got home, & got out of my car- I looked at the stairs- there was no way I would make it up them after said workout. But I just took it one step at a time. I eventually made it to the top- in severe pain- but I made it. I slept fantastically Friday night.

Right now we are working out in a temporary space, while our new gym is under construction. Today was moving day. Our coach made a workout out of it! It sounded fun- help move a bunch of weights and other random stuff from point A to point B with a partner, and then have lunch after! Fun! WRONG. Since there were so many people there to help out, we were finished in a half hour! So since we were already there, Mike decided that we should just get a WOD in. GREAT. I could barely move from last night’s workout!! but alas, I was there & it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone, so I stayed. Today’s WOD was with a partner complete the following:

25 burpees each
1000 meter run
50 thrusters
1000 meter row
50 deadlifts
25 burpees each
AFTER we just moved all that stuff. Once again, he’s nuts. I didn’t think I would even get through the first set of burpees!! But I did. Then I moved to the run- got around twice, and tagged out with my partner- got through some of the thrusters, then tagged out again. We were movin’ and groovin’! I actually like to row (when I can get my dumb sneakers in and out of the straps without pulling my shoes off!) and apparently I have long arms, which will make me a deadlift machine one of these days. But then came the cash out burpees. After all that- those mother effin’ burpees. I got through 10 of them, and I started fading. I couldn’t see everyone who was around, but I assume it most of the class. They joined in- they counted me down, they did those burpees with me- they cheered me on- they clapped, they kept me going. I’ve never experienced anything like that before. The sense of community was at an all time high. I started crying after (no surprise, if you know me. LOL) I have never had so many people cheering me on, and helping me out, and keeping me motivated. It was the best feeling- I can’t even explain it. To the ladies who were doing the burpees with me today- you have no idea what that means to me. Absolutely no idea- one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt.

After the WOD, the owners, Sharon & Chris took us out for lunch. It was so nice of them, and it was great to get to know everyone outside of the gym. It truly feels like I am part of a new family. I can’t tell you what that means- to find something that I love, and have people there who feel the same.
Today was a true testament to the sense of community you feel when you enter a CF gym. You make friends & become a family. To Mike, Sharon, Chris, & everyone who was part of today- Thank you. You have no idea the amount of love and respect I have for all of you…even though I can barely move. Hahahahahaha.
Now I’ll take a few Advil, and rest- and I’ll get back at it Monday. Love you all!! ❤

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