Crossfit intervention!

Hey guys-

First off, I just want to say thanks to everyone who is following me with my journey, & those who left such amazing words of encouragement. You don’t know how much it means. Last week I was feeling pretty terrible about myself. After doing a little self-reflection, and reading everyone’s words of encouragement, I decided that I am worth it. If a guy doesn’t want to see past that- then eff ’em. (excuse my french)! I’m a strong, smart, beautiful woman. I have done a lot of things in my life already- and I’m far from finished. I decided that I’m not here to please everyone else- I’m here for me. To keep myself in the best shape of my life- mentally & physically. I also decided that I am letting the chips fall where they may. It’s sometimes hard for me to believe, but there’s someone out there for everyone- I just haven’t found him yet! Enough about that subject!
I have been a CrossFit beast this week. Normally, I go to class MWF & Sat (sometimes). I got crazy this week- I went every day except for Tuesday & Sunday! RCFBC had an open house at Dick’s Sporting Goods this past weekend. During the open house, they had a WOD for people to try out. A few of us (who had already done one WOD with our new coach Jared that morning!) decided to go & support our box! I gave myself an extra activity point for participating in the open house WOD! It felt great to be there in support of our team & our coach. Getting to talk to people who are on the fence about whether CF is for them, was another great reason to be there. Letting them know that they are going to be scared to death the first time they walk in (and probably several times following the first day- lol), but that it does get better & they may actually enjoy it, makes me feel good. I do hope some of those people decide to give CF a chance- they won’t be disappointed!!
This week’s WODs killed me. Today is my rest day- and I’m in so much pain- neck, back, knees, legs- you name it- it’s aching! Plenty of heat & advil should do the trick…I hope!
This week has also brought a few CF personal records (PRs)! I am now able to do a “handstand” pushup using a box & 1 ab-mat for my head! One of these days I’ll be able to flip right over like the rest of the crossfit crazies! Box jumps have been difficult for me- well really any sort of jumping action in general (i.e. jump rope..grrrrr). I had been jumping on a 35lb weight plate, & this week I graduated to a 45lb plate. I’m hoping that soon I’ll graduate to the small box! It’s so awesome to see the progression! My body is trying to get used to those movements, which is pretty excellent. Now, I really need to work on jumping rope- I can jump, and I can swing the rope- but I can’t put the 2 together!! It’s so frustrating!! I really need to buy my own rope & work on it at home.
One of this week’s WODs consisted of the following:
2 rounds- 25 min. time cap:
50 back squats (he wanted us to use our body weight as the weight on the bar- HAHAHAHA. I used 45lbs.) LOL
100 air squats
Essentially 300 squats. He is out of his mind. 300 squats after I’ve been lifting patients all day. Are you serious??? But I figured, hey-if I can survive this- at least I won’t feel guilty for not going! Every once and a while we have a visiting coach named Nicki. She is awesome. Seriously- one of the cutest, nicest humans I have encountered. She was there for this squatastic WOD. You have no idea how happy I was to have her there!! I got through maybe 10 of the back squats & I was having trouble. She was there (along with Mike) cheering me on every step of the way. She kept saying that I could cut down the number of reps if I wanted- but I needed to prove to myself that I could do it. I made it through the first 50. Next came the 100 air squats. I had to do them in sets of 10- to keep my form in check. I got to 70 & all I could think about was how much I felt like just quitting. But I didn’t. I got through them. Back to the next 50 back squats. I started slacking on my form- so Mike put a bench behind my butt to keep me in check. I got through those. I still had another 100 squats to do. That’s when I almost started crying. Not gonna lie- a little puke came up too- but I wasn’t stopping. I got through 42, then time was called. I didn’t finish the entire 300, but I think I did pretty damn well- with a total of 242 squats in 25 minutes. Having Nicki & Mike right next to me- cheering me on- assuring me that I could get it done was the best part. If I was doing that workout on my own (first, it would never happen hahaha) I would have just given up during the first 50. I felt like death after- but I was still proud of what I accomplished. 2 months ago, I would have never done it. I can’t believe how much my mind & body have changed- just since January! I can’t even imagine what things will be like in a year. After that squateriffic WOD- I thought oh I’ll just take Friday off. Nope. I went Friday- rowed 1800 meters in less than 8 minutes, went back Saturday morning, & went AGAIN Saturday afternoon!
I just read tomorrow’s WOD & I’m already dreading it. WTF are over the bar burpees??? He is seriously out of his mind! I thought regular burpees were bad enough! We shall see how it goes tomorrow!!

Oh yeah- I also signed up for the CrossFit open today! I know I obviously won’t ever make it to the games & I hope I don’t bring the team average down, but I can’t tell you how good it feels to know that my name will be on that roster. You better believe I’ll be trying my hardest (not that I don’t already), & I will make myself & my team proud. I will have a baseline to work off of for next year too. I’m nervous, but excited. With the paleo challenge coming to an end soon- this will give me something else to focus on. Although, I will still be doing my own personal paleo challenge daily. My energy is focused on me & I’ve never felt better. I’m going to get this done.
As always, you all have no idea how much you mean to me. I can’t express it enough. Thank you so so much, from the very bottom of my heart, for your love, support, guidance, & positive energy. I love and appreciate each & every one of you! ❤


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