27 years down…

Hi loves!

As most of you know, I turned a ripe, old 27 years yesterday. At first I was upset- thinking what do I have to show for so many years of living? I don’t have a house, I’m not married (or seriously dating anyone), &  I have a lot of debt. And I’m almost 30…ALMOST 30?? When did that happen? Ugh. Then a few hours went by and I thought- wait, I actually have a lot of stuff to show for my years…I have a great education & an excellent (steady) job- one that actually has to do with my degree; my own car; great friends; a great family; and best of all- my health. So what if I’m almost 30? Like they say, age is just a number! Even though it has only been 2013 for a few months, I have a strong feeling that this is my year. Things are starting to fall into place, & I’m finally feeling good about myself- mentally & physically. I’m doing things that I would never think I would do. I’m starting to have more self-confidence- which has been extremely difficult for me. I’m realizing that I’m a wonderful person- inside & out, and I’m proud of the things that I have accomplished. If someone can’t see that- then they don’t have a place in my life. Anyhow, I just want to say thanks to everyone who believes in me & keeps me going day to day!

So we had workout 13.3 for the Crossfit Open this past week. Our box hosted the open workout on Saturday- unfortunately, I was unable to attend- I was pretty sad but, I finally got to see my long lost friend, Lucy!! Mike let me & another guy in our class, Dan do the open workout in class on Friday (I took the day off for my birthday!) The 13.3 workout consisted of the following: (it was a repeat from a previous year)

12 min. AMRAP
 150 Wall Balls (14 lbs 9′ target)
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle Ups
If you don’t know what wall balls are- watch this-  http://youtu.be/kVQ-auXtPag. It was only 12 minutes- I can do anything for 12 minutes. If I can do burpees & snatches for 17 minutes- I could do this. I knew that I would never get through the 150 wall balls- Mike had programmed this workout for us a few weeks ago…it’s almost like he knew what was coming! haha. The last time we did this- I got through 62 wall balls with a 12lb med ball. For my score to be counted for the open, I would have to do the prescribed 14lbs med ball to a 9′ target. 14lbs is so heavy. But once again, it was only 12 minutes- I can only do what I can do. My judge, Dan was great- he was keeping me going- pushing me- even when  I wanted to just walk away. In the 12 minutes, I ended up getting through 71 wall ball shots. A PR in weight, & number of reps! I’ll take it! Dab did so awesome too- he had to use a 20lb med ball to a 10′ target (WOOF.) He got a score of 121 (I think) Absolutely amazing! I’m envious of anyone who could get past the 150 WB- I’ll get there one day!! That open workout was not as bad as I thought it would be- don’t get me wrong- it was really tough, but it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t do. I am proud of myself for getting that far!
Since it was my birthday weekend, I did take a slight break from my paleo lifestyle. What’s a birthday without cake? But now that it’s Monday- I’m back in action- and feeling fantastic. I actually just weighed myself out of curiosity  and I’m at the lowest weight that I can ever remember being! Which is pretty excellent. That gives me the motivation to keep on this path! 
I’m looking forward to seeing what the 13.4 workout is going to be- probably something terrible, but whatever it is, I’m going to give it my all. That’s all I can do. I really enjoy when we have that kind of competition atmosphere at our box- it makes me want to try even harder than I already do- the energy is so great! 
I happy I’m on this path- I happy to have my crossfit family, my  regular family, and my great friends. These past 27 years would have been terrible without them! I love you all more than you know! This is my year- can’t stop- won’t stop. 
❤ – A

Could have done better…

Hi everyone!

I feel like I have been going, going, going all week!! Also, I’m pretty sure the only thing I ever talk about anymore is Crossfit!! Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing- don’t care- I love it! So this week (like most weeks) had a lot of highs and lows. I’ve been dealing with some self-esteem/confidence issues as well. First things first- The open workout 13.2. Wow. It didn’t look that bad on paper, but once I tried to do it, I realized I’m not as strong as I think I am. Here’s the 13.2 Wod:
Complete as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
5 shoulder to overhead (push-press/push jerk, etc.)- 75lbs.
10 dead-lifts 75lbs.
15 box jumps- 20″ box (Step-ups permitted)

I watched the live announcement on the games website (nerd) and I thought- great-I can do this- easy day. I was especially relieved to have the option to do step ups- we all know I can’t jump to save my life! The day following the open announcement, Mike programs the skills that we will need for the open. This is awesome because we actually get a little taste of what’s to come & can see if we can actually do what’s required. Heads up- 75 pounds is SO HEAVY when you are trying to lift it overhead. I thought I was strong- but that bar felt like a million pounds. The dead lifts were cake. Then came the box jumps/step ups. When I read the open workout, I was pumped- I thought Yes- this is gonna be awesome- I’m gonna rock this. FALSE. I could not get myself on to that box on Thursday. Thank goodness for Mike. I can’t even tell you how much he means to me- I would have already quit crossfit by now, if it wasn’t for him. God love him for being so patient with me! After trying & subsequently failing to get on the 20″ box- Mike came up with a plan. We started with the smallest box. I was able to step up on that- no problem. Next, he added a 45lb. plate to the box. That was fine. Then he went to add a 35lb plate. I couldn’t do that right away- but I kept trying. It looked like a bomb of weight plates went off at my station! I was having such a hard time (mentally) trying to figure out why the heck I couldn’t get onto that stupid box. I can get on there when I have to jumping pull ups- why can’t I do it now? Eventually, I had a mini mental breakdown & the tears started flowing…during the wod. I was kind of embarrassed, but more frustrated with myself. So I stepped back- & Mike helped me get my mind right. He told me to count to 7 (random number- but it worked!), don’t think about it, & try again. And you know what? I got up there. Most of the time, my mind is my own worst enemy. Although it was difficult, at least I knew that I could do it for when Saturday rolled around.
Our box is one of 5 different boxes that are hosting the open workouts- so it was kind of an open house where people from other boxes could come & do 13.2 at our gym & see our new (gorgeous) space. We were also encouraged to invite family & friends to come & cheer us on. I  invited my mom & aunt- I didn’t think they would come, but they did & I’m grateful. At least they know what the heck I’m doing now! We had a few visitors- some from the Coast Guard station in Hull & a super handsome/awesome/amazing athlete /coach named Joe from Reebok CF One. He was awesome. Since we had so many people & our other coach Harrison was doing the workout- it was great to have an extra set of eyes around. No lie- I walked by the coaches lounge & thought that Joe was Rich Froning- reigning fittest man on earth. I thought the owner of RCFBC- Chris- who knows Rich, actually got him to visit our box. I was excited & then instantly terrified because I didn’t wear makeup that day!!!! But it wasn’t Rich…it was Joe. LOL. Luckily, I was in the first heat- so I got to get the wod over with first- & then I could judge my partner, Christy. Christy is amazing. She is the biggest motivator & all around awesome person. She is like a wicked cool mom I feel like. She has an awesome pink streak in her hair & she is just the nicest human. If it wasn’t for her, I  probably would have never made it through the workout. The combination of Christy, Mike, Joe & the energy in the box made 13.2 do-able. I’m hoping Joe will be able to come coach with us again soon!  He is amazing too!!
The clock started & we were off. That bar was incredibly heavy. Joe was giving me pointers along the way- which was great- but it didn’t change the weight of the bar. After a struggle-fest with that bar- I finished the 5 shoulder- to overheads- then I blasted through the dead-lifts. Then came the dreaded box. Mike came over and said to me “Make that box your bitch.” Wise words from my coach. hahahahaha. Although I didn’t get up there on the first try, I kept trying & didn’t stop. Having Christy, Joe & Mike around cheering me on & giving me pointers, helped me get less frustrated. It felt like forever, but I finally got through the 15 step ups. It took me a significant chunk of time to get through them- but I did. And I was so proud that I could get through at least one round. So with 3ish minutes remaining- I was back on the bar. At this point, I was already spent- having spent so much time trying to get on that dumb box. I got 4 overheads done- and I was trying to get that 5th one in so I could up my reps, but I just couldn’t get it. I couldn’t lock my arms out- I was shaking like crazy and the bar was all over the place. It was incredibly frustrating- even more so than the box. Time was called, and I had only got a total of 34 reps in 10 minutes. I know I shouldn’t compare myself to everyone in the gym (we have some amazing athletes) but I thought I would at least be able to get through 50. I was so upset. I tried to keep it together- so my mom & aunt wouldn’t think I was  hurt or anything- but on the inside I was so disappointed with myself. People were pulling numbers from the 90s to 100s & even mid 200s!! I am in awe of those people. I instantly felt inadequate & sorry for myself. I pulled it together- because I had to judge Christy now- She got an amazing 112 reps!
I just kept thinking about how bad I did. Even with everyone’s positive reinforcement, I still felt awful. I let it mull & celebrated that grueling workout being over with everyone. Nothing like a few beers, paleo cupcakes, & guacamole after a rough workout! After a while, I decided that I would gladly accept my 34 reps for 13.2. I’ve only been doing crossfit for about 12 weeks, and the chances that I would’ve been able to do that 12 weeks ago are slim to none. I did what I could do. I am proud of myself for all of the hard work and dedication I’ve been giving this aspect of my life. There has never been anything that I’ve dedicated myself to, as much as I have to crossfit. There’s going to be more hard times, but I’m proud of the progress that I have made so far. I’m not the best- and I may never be, but I’m also not the worst. I’m me. I’m a work in progress- I’m getting stronger- mentally & physically everyday. If it wasn’t for my crossfit family, I would have already quit & would have probably been doing nothing with my life. I have new found sense of worth since starting this journey. I am learning new things about myself everyday. I am making friendships that I know will last forever- I already consider most of these people my family. I am happy to have something in my life that is making me happy. With my 27th birthday just around the corner (Sunday), things are starting to fall into place. I can’t help but get emotional. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to finally find what’s been missing in my life. Who knew it would be crossfit?! I am completely blessed & overwhelmed with the support I’ve gotten from all of you over the past few weeks. You have no idea how much your words of encouragement, a clap for me while I’m still going, the positive reinforcement means to me. It’s the only way I can keep myself going. Eventually, I’ll learn to believe in myself, but that will take time. For now, I’ll cherish everything you guys do for me. I’m trying to change me- but you are an integral part of the change. I am eternally grateful for all the time, effort, & energy people have put in to help me out. Words cannot explain.
Well, it’s way past my bed time now- but I can’t wait for 13.3 to be announced on Wednesday. Until it gets announced, I’ll be having anxiety! Good night & thank you for reading this wicked long post! ❤ ❤ ❤


What the?!?!?!

Hi Lovies!

This is week has been incredibly eye opening & exciting! March 6th marked the first day of the CrossFit Open- you can read all about it here- http://games.crossfit.com/start-here. I didn’t think that I should sign up for the open- who am I to be competing? I just started crossfit 2 months ago! But at the urge of my coach, I did it. I figured since we will be doing the workouts anyway, I might as well get credit for them!! I’m glad that I did- now I will be able to see where I rank among the other athletes in my age bracket. Each week for 5 weeks, the workout will be announced on Wednesdays & must be completed by Sunday. It’s pretty intense. I didn’t think it would affect me as much as it did- I literally had heart palpitations waiting for the workout to be announced!! The workout consisted of the following:

17min. AMRAP
40 Burpees (6″ target)
30 Snatches (75/45)
30 Burpees (6″ target)
30 Snatches (135/75)
20 Burpees (6″ target)
30 Snatches (165/100)
10 Burpees (6″ target)
AMRAP Snatches (210/120)
ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Much like everyone else in the crossfit world, I effing HATE burpees. I didn’t think I would even make it through the first 40 burpees in the 17 minute time cap. But I did. And I made it through the first set of snatches. And then I made it through 4 more burpees. A total of 74 reps for my first open!  I would have never made it through without the support and positive vibes from Mike, & Colleen – my partner/judge. She is amazing too- She made it through 99 reps!! So awesome!  I can’t say thank you enough to the people who are always there- on the side lines, cheering me on, and letting me know I always have “one more rep” left. After entering my score, I realized that there were 4 other people below me! For once in my life, I wasn’t dead last!  Now it’s time to wait until Wednesday for the next open announcement…dun dun dun!
Other pretty awesome stuff happened this week too! The paleo challenge officially ended (although, I will be continuing the paleo life on my own)! In 45 days, I lost 15lbs & 1.48% body fat! That’s pretty amazing! I’m so glad I finally found something that works! 
Also this week, I finally got 26 consecutive single unders!!!!!  I’ve never been more excited/happy in my life! Now that I have my own speed rope, I’ll be practicing 10 minutes every day! The next thing I’ll be working on is the speed of them! So crazy. I love being able to see my progress & hard work finally coming through. I think some other stuff happened too, but I really can’t remember- the open has taken over my life! I can’t wait to see what the next workout is going to be! 
To all my Crossfit loves competing in the open- GOOD LUCK! You guys are awesome- we got this! Can’t wait to update you all with next weeks craziness! ❤
-A ❤

Life is good!

Hi lovelies!

I can’t believe how good I have been feeling lately! Other than the usual aches and pains following the WODs- I feel great. I now find myself looking forward to the WODs being posted- sort of crazy to look forward to the thing that is surely going to leave me in severe pain, but I love it! We finally are in our permanent gym! It is so nice in there! However, I see the ropes in there hanging, and they are freaking me the eff out. I have never climbed a rope ever. Not even in gym class. I can’t get scared about that now- positive focus. When the rope climbs come around, I’m sure I’ll be freaking out, but for now, I’ll just look at them & wonder.
This week brought a new PR for me- I FINALLY got a single under!!! Almost 2 in a row- but I’ll take the one for now! It may not seem like a lot to some people, but for me- I’m celebrating!  I bought a speed rope so that I can practice at home too. I decided that I’m going to commit 10 minutes each day to practicing jump rope. You can’t get better if you don’t practice! A big thank you to my coach Mike for helping me measure out the rope properly! You’re the best!
Wednesday (3/6) brings the announcement of the first open workout for the Reebok Crossfit Games 2013. I’m not sure why I’m so nervous about it- I know that I’m not Iceland Annie- or anywhere near those crazy crossfit people, but these open workouts will show me where I rank among the other women in my age bracket. It will also give me a baseline for next year. Side note- talking about the Crossfit Games makes me think that we are participating in the hunger games. Every time I talk to another crossfitter about the open, I want to say “may the odds be ever in your favor.” LOL. Hopefully there are no knives, or bow & arrows during the open…
Also on 3/6, the paleo challenge is coming to an end. I can’t believe that it will be 45 days since starting. Right now, my team is ranked 8th out of 18 teams. I think that’s pretty freaking awesome for paleo beginners! At some point this week we will be remeasuring our weight/body fat/ baseline workout. I’m so excited to see the progress I’ve made. I know that something is working, because I’ve had people tell me that they are noticing a change in me. I eating the best I ever have in my entire life. It’s a lot of prep work, but once you get in a routine- it starts to come naturally. I have decided to keep with the paleo lifestyle long after the challenge is done. There will be times when I go off course & “cheat” but as long as I get back on the wagon, I’ll be fine. That being said, I cannot wait to have a slice of pizza once the challenge is over!! It’s going to be so delicious.
Things are just going so great right now. I’m trying to keep my outlook positive, and good things are happening. This is something that is going to take time, effort, sweat, & tears; but I’m willing to go through the pain in order to get to the prize at the end. Every single person who has cheered me on, clapped, & helped me through the tough times (and future tough times to come) Thank you. You are what keeps me going- keeps me going one more round- one more rep. Love you all to pieces! ❤


*** Just looked at the WOD for tomorrow- ROPE CLIMBS. Noooooooo*****