Life is good!

Hi lovelies!

I can’t believe how good I have been feeling lately! Other than the usual aches and pains following the WODs- I feel great. I now find myself looking forward to the WODs being posted- sort of crazy to look forward to the thing that is surely going to leave me in severe pain, but I love it! We finally are in our permanent gym! It is so nice in there! However, I see the ropes in there hanging, and they are freaking me the eff out. I have never climbed a rope ever. Not even in gym class. I can’t get scared about that now- positive focus. When the rope climbs come around, I’m sure I’ll be freaking out, but for now, I’ll just look at them & wonder.
This week brought a new PR for me- I FINALLY got a single under!!! Almost 2 in a row- but I’ll take the one for now! It may not seem like a lot to some people, but for me- I’m celebrating!  I bought a speed rope so that I can practice at home too. I decided that I’m going to commit 10 minutes each day to practicing jump rope. You can’t get better if you don’t practice! A big thank you to my coach Mike for helping me measure out the rope properly! You’re the best!
Wednesday (3/6) brings the announcement of the first open workout for the Reebok Crossfit Games 2013. I’m not sure why I’m so nervous about it- I know that I’m not Iceland Annie- or anywhere near those crazy crossfit people, but these open workouts will show me where I rank among the other women in my age bracket. It will also give me a baseline for next year. Side note- talking about the Crossfit Games makes me think that we are participating in the hunger games. Every time I talk to another crossfitter about the open, I want to say “may the odds be ever in your favor.” LOL. Hopefully there are no knives, or bow & arrows during the open…
Also on 3/6, the paleo challenge is coming to an end. I can’t believe that it will be 45 days since starting. Right now, my team is ranked 8th out of 18 teams. I think that’s pretty freaking awesome for paleo beginners! At some point this week we will be remeasuring our weight/body fat/ baseline workout. I’m so excited to see the progress I’ve made. I know that something is working, because I’ve had people tell me that they are noticing a change in me. I eating the best I ever have in my entire life. It’s a lot of prep work, but once you get in a routine- it starts to come naturally. I have decided to keep with the paleo lifestyle long after the challenge is done. There will be times when I go off course & “cheat” but as long as I get back on the wagon, I’ll be fine. That being said, I cannot wait to have a slice of pizza once the challenge is over!! It’s going to be so delicious.
Things are just going so great right now. I’m trying to keep my outlook positive, and good things are happening. This is something that is going to take time, effort, sweat, & tears; but I’m willing to go through the pain in order to get to the prize at the end. Every single person who has cheered me on, clapped, & helped me through the tough times (and future tough times to come) Thank you. You are what keeps me going- keeps me going one more round- one more rep. Love you all to pieces! ❤


*** Just looked at the WOD for tomorrow- ROPE CLIMBS. Noooooooo*****

One thought on “Life is good!

  1. You are such an inspiration Amanda!!! I am nervous about the Open too, but with all of us helping each other out, it will be great!! Keep up the good work! Pizza…..yummmmmmmm!!!! Christy


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