What the?!?!?!

Hi Lovies!

This is week has been incredibly eye opening & exciting! March 6th marked the first day of the CrossFit Open- you can read all about it here- http://games.crossfit.com/start-here. I didn’t think that I should sign up for the open- who am I to be competing? I just started crossfit 2 months ago! But at the urge of my coach, I did it. I figured since we will be doing the workouts anyway, I might as well get credit for them!! I’m glad that I did- now I will be able to see where I rank among the other athletes in my age bracket. Each week for 5 weeks, the workout will be announced on Wednesdays & must be completed by Sunday. It’s pretty intense. I didn’t think it would affect me as much as it did- I literally had heart palpitations waiting for the workout to be announced!! The workout consisted of the following:

17min. AMRAP
40 Burpees (6″ target)
30 Snatches (75/45)
30 Burpees (6″ target)
30 Snatches (135/75)
20 Burpees (6″ target)
30 Snatches (165/100)
10 Burpees (6″ target)
AMRAP Snatches (210/120)
ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Much like everyone else in the crossfit world, I effing HATE burpees. I didn’t think I would even make it through the first 40 burpees in the 17 minute time cap. But I did. And I made it through the first set of snatches. And then I made it through 4 more burpees. A total of 74 reps for my first open!  I would have never made it through without the support and positive vibes from Mike, & Colleen – my partner/judge. She is amazing too- She made it through 99 reps!! So awesome!  I can’t say thank you enough to the people who are always there- on the side lines, cheering me on, and letting me know I always have “one more rep” left. After entering my score, I realized that there were 4 other people below me! For once in my life, I wasn’t dead last!  Now it’s time to wait until Wednesday for the next open announcement…dun dun dun!
Other pretty awesome stuff happened this week too! The paleo challenge officially ended (although, I will be continuing the paleo life on my own)! In 45 days, I lost 15lbs & 1.48% body fat! That’s pretty amazing! I’m so glad I finally found something that works! 
Also this week, I finally got 26 consecutive single unders!!!!!  I’ve never been more excited/happy in my life! Now that I have my own speed rope, I’ll be practicing 10 minutes every day! The next thing I’ll be working on is the speed of them! So crazy. I love being able to see my progress & hard work finally coming through. I think some other stuff happened too, but I really can’t remember- the open has taken over my life! I can’t wait to see what the next workout is going to be! 
To all my Crossfit loves competing in the open- GOOD LUCK! You guys are awesome- we got this! Can’t wait to update you all with next weeks craziness! ❤
-A ❤

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