27 years down…

Hi loves!

As most of you know, I turned a ripe, old 27 years yesterday. At first I was upset- thinking what do I have to show for so many years of living? I don’t have a house, I’m not married (or seriously dating anyone), &  I have a lot of debt. And I’m almost 30…ALMOST 30?? When did that happen? Ugh. Then a few hours went by and I thought- wait, I actually have a lot of stuff to show for my years…I have a great education & an excellent (steady) job- one that actually has to do with my degree; my own car; great friends; a great family; and best of all- my health. So what if I’m almost 30? Like they say, age is just a number! Even though it has only been 2013 for a few months, I have a strong feeling that this is my year. Things are starting to fall into place, & I’m finally feeling good about myself- mentally & physically. I’m doing things that I would never think I would do. I’m starting to have more self-confidence- which has been extremely difficult for me. I’m realizing that I’m a wonderful person- inside & out, and I’m proud of the things that I have accomplished. If someone can’t see that- then they don’t have a place in my life. Anyhow, I just want to say thanks to everyone who believes in me & keeps me going day to day!

So we had workout 13.3 for the Crossfit Open this past week. Our box hosted the open workout on Saturday- unfortunately, I was unable to attend- I was pretty sad but, I finally got to see my long lost friend, Lucy!! Mike let me & another guy in our class, Dan do the open workout in class on Friday (I took the day off for my birthday!) The 13.3 workout consisted of the following: (it was a repeat from a previous year)

12 min. AMRAP
 150 Wall Balls (14 lbs 9′ target)
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle Ups
If you don’t know what wall balls are- watch this-  http://youtu.be/kVQ-auXtPag. It was only 12 minutes- I can do anything for 12 minutes. If I can do burpees & snatches for 17 minutes- I could do this. I knew that I would never get through the 150 wall balls- Mike had programmed this workout for us a few weeks ago…it’s almost like he knew what was coming! haha. The last time we did this- I got through 62 wall balls with a 12lb med ball. For my score to be counted for the open, I would have to do the prescribed 14lbs med ball to a 9′ target. 14lbs is so heavy. But once again, it was only 12 minutes- I can only do what I can do. My judge, Dan was great- he was keeping me going- pushing me- even when  I wanted to just walk away. In the 12 minutes, I ended up getting through 71 wall ball shots. A PR in weight, & number of reps! I’ll take it! Dab did so awesome too- he had to use a 20lb med ball to a 10′ target (WOOF.) He got a score of 121 (I think) Absolutely amazing! I’m envious of anyone who could get past the 150 WB- I’ll get there one day!! That open workout was not as bad as I thought it would be- don’t get me wrong- it was really tough, but it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t do. I am proud of myself for getting that far!
Since it was my birthday weekend, I did take a slight break from my paleo lifestyle. What’s a birthday without cake? But now that it’s Monday- I’m back in action- and feeling fantastic. I actually just weighed myself out of curiosity  and I’m at the lowest weight that I can ever remember being! Which is pretty excellent. That gives me the motivation to keep on this path! 
I’m looking forward to seeing what the 13.4 workout is going to be- probably something terrible, but whatever it is, I’m going to give it my all. That’s all I can do. I really enjoy when we have that kind of competition atmosphere at our box- it makes me want to try even harder than I already do- the energy is so great! 
I happy I’m on this path- I happy to have my crossfit family, my  regular family, and my great friends. These past 27 years would have been terrible without them! I love you all more than you know! This is my year- can’t stop- won’t stop. 
❤ – A

2 thoughts on “27 years down…

  1. You continue to amaze us all! Your strength and determination are tremendous!! You have plenty to be confident about, you are a beautiful young woman, inside and out, and you have accomplished so much in your life. Keep up the phenomenal work!! Each step you are taking to transform your life will explode into an even more amazing you!!

    Always inspired,


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