Effin’ box jumps…

Hey everyone!

So as most of you know, I fractured my radius on Friday at CF- I apologize in advance for any typographical errors, as I only am typing with one hand. LOL
Anyone who knows me, knows that I fall a lot. Like all of the time. However, I have never sustained an actual injury- just a broken ego. If you have been following me on my journey, you know I had a recent battle with box jumps during the open workouts. I couldn’t step up onto the 20in box. I overcame that obstacle & felt like a million bucks. So I thought for this wod, I would try doing an actual jump on to the small box- I think it’s like 9-10in high. Mike was there, so I knew I would be okay. Here’s the wod:

12 min. AMRAP
7 Squat Cleans (135/95)
12 Box Jumps
500m Row as fast as possible
Easy enough, I thought. I couldn’t do the squat cleans at 95lbs, but I could do 55lbs. So I set my station up with my barbell & small box. We didn’t even start yet, and I was already freaking out over the box jumps. I’m certain Mike saw it in my eyes, because he instantly went over and got a 45lb plate for me to jump on- & kept adding weights until I felt comfortable. I finally decided to give the box a try. I didn’t get on there fully- but both of my feet were on there at the same time-even if it was for a split second. So it was 3,2,1, go & I was off. I busted through the squat cleans, no problem. Then I moved to the box. Mike was standing right next to me. He kept pushing me to keep going- not to think about them-just keep moving. I needed that. Most of the time, I am my own worst enemy. I think I can’t do something, so I instantly give up. Having him there- telling me to keep going was exactly what I needed. He kept saying, I don’t care if you fail every time, you are gonna keep trying until you get it. It felt like I did a million of those stupid box jumps- I had lost count. Finally, I had got through the first set- after like 20 attempts. I busted through the second set of squat cleans & was back at the box. Mike was back. I feel like I’m always monopolizing him during class. Luckily, he was secondary coach, so I could steal him & not feel bad! I was struggling through them, but he was there & I knew I could do it. Until I fell. My station was setup close to the pull-up rig, FYI. I made it on the box, I actually fell while stepping off. I fell backwards- barely missing my head. I think I tried to break my fall by sticking my arm out. That was not a good idea. I knew that something was wrong when I looked at my arm & instantly started crying. It was not in its normal position. I was too shaken up to get off of the floor, so I was just sitting there, holding my arm, crying hysterically, while the rest of the class finished their workout & the next class was waiting (& presumably staring at me). Mike was trying to get me to sit up, but it wasn’t happening. Chris went over to the very convenient liquor store that just opened next door, & got me some ice. Finally, I got up. I took my big bag of ice, mascara stained face, & broken ego to the conference room. 
I was more upset & embarrassed that I fell, than of my actual injury.Yeah it sucked that I got hurt, but I would get over it. I would not get over the fact that a gym full of people, & specifically two very handsome gentlemen saw me go down…not so gracefully. While I tried to calm down, Mike was so great- he sat & talked with me & gave me chocolate for at least an hour. I could not ask for a better coach. Seriously, what gym can you go to & get chocolate & a built in therapy session? I love it there. While I was feeling sorry for myself, Mike told me to write down a list of accomplishments I’ve made since starting CF in January. I can’t write because my gimp hand is actually my writing hand- FAIL!! So once I find a scribe, I’ll work on that list, but for now I can add those box jumps to my list of PRs. When I started, I couldn’t even get my toes off the ground. So even though I have to be in a cast for 6-8 weeks, and all of my wods are going to have to be scaled, at least I know I gave it my all & didn’t give up. You know what? Eff that box. I will get back on there, & even if I fall again, I still tried. 
This injury isn’t gonna hold me back. Once I get my permanent cast on next week, you better believe I’ll be back in the box scaling & getting after it. Nothing is going to stop me. It’s going to be extremely difficult to do anything with this stupid cast, but I know I can get through this. It’s just a  minor setback. 
To everyone who helped me/ will help me-thank you. You don’t know how far a positive comment can go.
I’m sure other important stuff happened this week, but it took me about 2 hours to type this, so it’ll have to wait until I’m back in action! Love you all!!  

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