Let’s not get crazy now…

Hey everyone!

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, but things have been cray! Work has been incredibly busy- we went from having only like 10 patients to having close to 20! And each one of them is absolutely crazy. Seriously. I just wonder everyday- How did you even get dressed this morning? I don’t know- they are just wacky. In addition to crazy work, I’ve been seeing my (extremely handsome, amazing, awesome, hilarious) physical therapist twice a week, & trying to crossfit at least 5 times a week!! I feel like I’ve been abandoning my friends, but I’m not! I’m trying to balance everything- it’s getting tough, but I will not give up crossfit- it’s the one thing that I will work my schedule around. I never thought that I would find something I love so much, that I would change other plans just so I can make it to class. I guess things could be worse!

So these past couple of weeks have consisted of a lot of strength days & ridiculously crazy metcons. I swear, every day I read the wod, and I think to myself, “How the eff did he come up with this?” Exact thoughts that are running through my head right now, as I just read our wod for tomorrow- appropriately named “Suns out, Guns Out” since it’s going to be like 90 degrees out tomorrow.  I guess it takes a certain kind of crazy to come up with these workouts- and Mike most certainly has that kind of crazy- Love you Mike! 🙂

The most significant WOD from these past two weeks, was the Crossfit Total. According to the Crossfit website, “The CrossFit Total is a strength assessment that is the sum of the best of three attempts at the back-squat, shoulder press, and the deadlift, done in that order.” So basically, we had to find our one rep max weight for each movement. Once you find it, you total up the weight from each movement, and that is your crossfit total score. Since the wrist injury, I am having a lot of trouble getting into the front-rack position. Eventually, I’ll be able to do it, but it’s going to take time & more PT. I’m certainly not complaining about going to PT for an extended period of time! hahahahaha. Anyway, I got nervous with the heavy weight because I didn’t know if I would be able to handle it. It has only been a couple of weeks since I’ve been back on the barbell, but I was feeling like a hero, so I just went for it. One of my very first friends from OnRamp, Amy was working with me. She is a rockstar. She is an excellent motivator, and pushed me well beyond what I thought I could do. We started with the back-squat at 55lbs. I did it- and it was great- and I figured ok- just shut it down- don’t do any more. But Amy kept saying- you can do way more- I know you can. So she put 10 more pounds on the bar. And I did that- easy. So I said shut it down. She kept pushing me, until I got all the way up to 115lbs!!!! My original one rep max back squat was 65lbs- with a perfectly working wrist! WHAT?? Are you serious? Mike thought I could have probably handled another 10lbs, but he didn’t want to get too crazy. I was happy with that 115! Thank you Amy!! ❤
Next came the strict press. I was starting to load up my bar, when Mike came over- just pointed at me and said “NO- I don’t want you doing a one rep max press- kettlebell.” And that was it. I got mad. Why wasn’t he letting me do the press? We had done it the day before, and it wasn’t a problem. I knew it was for my own good, and he was probably thinking more clearly that I was at that point. I was on a high from my crazy back squat. Who knows what I would have done, had he let me continue with the press. I probably would have re-injured myself. And that’s what makes him an amazing coach. He knows when to have you shut it down- even when you don’t want to & you think he’s just out to ruin your day. Let’s be honest though, I was only mad at him for like 5 seconds- and then I got over it and realized that it would be stupid for me to do that. Anyhow, I got the 35lb KB press- easy. I tried to do the 44lb, but I couldn’t do it- it was just way to heavy.
Next was the deadlift. One of my favorite movements. I find myself getting into the deadlift position when I move stuff at work, which is pretty awesome- functional movements! I wasn’t sure how heavy I would be able to go with the deadlift. I was using a mixed grip, which is one hand over the bar, and one hand under the bar. It helps you lift a little bit more weight, and in my case, pick up the slack from my weak wrist. I started slow with I think like 65lbs. It was easy, so I moved up- I think it was a quick jump, right up to 130lbs. The key to the movements was being able to perform them with absolutely perfect form. I had already beaten my one rep max deadlift! My original one was 125lbs. So I added some more weight. I ended up with a one rep max dead lift of 165lbs!! A second personal record for the day. I felt like a boss. Seriously. The high I got from that day stayed with me for a couple of days. I couldn’t believe that I could lift/squat that kind of weight. I definitely impressed myself. I would have never been able to do anything that day, if it wasn’t for the amazing people in my class. Some of the guys in the class completely blew me away. They were lifting the equivalent weight of a decent sized male. Are you kidding me? They are nuts. But I love them.
So my crossfit total score ended up being 315!
These few weeks have also consisted of more kettle-bell swings and burpees than I care to count. But I can’t complain- I love that sore feeling. It makes you feel like you actually worked out hard.

I’m seeing my orthopedist tomorrow- I’m hoping that things are going according to plan. Although I’m not sure because on Friday, I got so excited while changing for crossfit, that I got my bad arm stuck in the ceiling fan!!! I felt like such a dummy. How do these things happen to me? It was the ultimate no rep. I need to be put in a bubble. Have a great week- If anyone is going to 9am class tomorrow- get ready- it looks absolutely INSANE.

❤ A

Mike standing by in case things went awry with the back-squat

115lbs!! ahhhh!! 
165lb deadlift- and a horrible face to go with it! 

That barbell looks good on you!

Hey everyone!

I’m so excited this week! Travis (my wicked hot physical therapist who I kinda have a crush on) gave me the okay to use a 15lb barbell at crossfit! WOOT!! I haven’t been this excited about working out in a LONG time! He probably got tired of me asking him every single time I saw him, when I might be able to get back on the bar…LOL.

I was really sore this past week- mostly from the BareCove Box Battle. Luckily, Mike programmed a light, active recovery row day for us on Monday. It felt good to be able to row with two hands too! I also took a few days off last week- more than I have in a while. I can’t believe how guilty I feel when I don’t go to class. I feel like I’ve committed a crime when I don’t go to class. I guess that’s the accountability that they want! haha. Anyhow, this week, I’m planning on getting back on my regular schedule- I feel less sore when I actually workout (weird, I know).

Last week (during the box battle) and this past week, box jumps have reemerged into my life. I can’t even explain to you the fear that I have when I even read that box jumps are programmed into the wod. I just can’t even think of getting back on that box. The week of the box battle, we had box jumps during our wod. I asked Mike what he wanted me to do- i.e. step up on a small box, plate jump, etc. He just looked at me and said “Oh you’re stepping up on the box.” I legit started crying. I wasn’t sure why- I just broke down crying. I tried to hold it in, but I couldn’t. I was physically frightened. My partner for the wod was Sarah. Sarah is the most awesome person. She has so much energy- I have no idea where she gets it, but she has it! She just passed her Crossfit Level 1 certification, so she’s legit. She also teaches her own sort of boot-camp class to mom’s! She’s just awesome. Anyhow, she kept telling me that it was just a stupid box, and that I could do it. Even with everyone in my corner, I just couldn’t get over the fact that I might fall off of that, and re-injure myself. I know it’s possible that I could injure myself doing pretty much anything at the box, but anything requiring that box absolutely freaks me out. I was an emotional mess during that wod- I just stepped up onto a small box- and tried to see through the tears in my eyes. I felt absolutely defeated. Mike kept telling me that I just have a taste aversion to box jumps, but I feel like it’s something more than that. I should not be physically frightened by a wooden box!!! Anyway, the next day, I let my partner for the competition, Chris know what was going on with the box. He set me up by the rig, and told me to use it as a railing- just make pretend the box was a really big step, and the rig was the railing. A few of the girls from my class were still there, so they were trying to help me out. I could get up on the box no problem using the “railing.” I knew it wouldn’t be allowed during the competition, so Chris and I decided that he would do the burpee box jump overs. That’s a whole other story- but I know that I’m going to have to face that box again. I have to get back on to it- I don’t know why I can’t just step up on it like everyone else does. It makes me so upset.

Alex, another friend of mine from class told me that a box is nothing to get upset about. I guess I just have to keep reminding myself of that. Speaking of Alex- he is hilarious. And extremely motivating. He usually is hanging out at the gym a lot- so he’s sometimes there when I’m at class. He always makes a point to come over and cheer me on- and keep me going. I’m not sure if he knows how much that means to me, but it’s a lot. I say it every time, but people like Alex, Sarah, Mike, & pretty much everyone at my box are the epitome of crossfit. It’s the reason that I’m still there- the reason that I show up- the reason that I feel guilty when I don’t go to class. I think I’ve said it before, but I’ve never had “guy” friends, so having Alex is great- he makes me laugh, and I can talk to him about stuff  if I need to- We can bounce ideas and recipes off of each other, etc. I’m so grateful that he came into my life. Alex, if you’re reading this- You are my favorite- Anything you need- you go it! I love ya!

So my favorite wod from this week was most definitely the “Fight Gone Bad!” It sounds terrible, but it’s a crossfit benchmark workout! I wish I could have done it RX, but I was glad to just be able to use a barbell! Here’s what it consisted of:
“Fight Gone Bad”
3 Round AMRAP – 1 min Stations:
Wall Ball (20/14)
SDHP (75/55)
Box Jump (20″)
Push Press (75/55)
Row (calories)
Since I still can’t catch a wall ball, I had to do thrusters with the 15lb bar. I forgot how much I effing hate those. SDHP, or Sumo deadlift high pull is this: http://youtu.be/CfyB8jAZTyw.
Instead of a the bar, I did it one armed, with a 26lb kettlebell. I used a small box to step up for box jumps, and the 15lb bar for the push press. So how it works is you spend one minute at each station- accumulate as many reps as possible at each station. There is no transition time in between each station- so you really have to bust a move. Luckily, I had my partner, Melissa counting the number of reps for me! I ended up with a total of 253 reps- scaled. I can’t wait to do that one again, and be able to do it RX. I know I will kill it once it comes around again. 
So for now, I’ll ice my wrist, refresh my computer until the wod is posted, and try and get some sleep. I’ll get back on that box- and when I do, I won’t be scared. It’s going to take time, but it will happen. Have a great week everyone! ❤

Here’s a pic of Dan Bailey, just because he’s handsome. 

And one of Rich Froning, because he’s my favorite, and also an incredible athlete. One day I’ll meet him and Dan…one day! 

Murph & my first ever competition!

Hey everyone!

This week has been so crazy! I’m amazed that I’m still walking! It seemed like so long ago, but Memorial Day was an awesome experience at RCFBC. We celebrated Memorial day by completing a “hero” Wod. Hero wods are named after fallen soldiers, firefighters, or police officers- they tend to be more mentally & physically tough. They make you push your limits. I’ve done some research, and on Memorial day most crossfit boxes complete the hero wod “Murph.” This wod is named in honor of Operation Red Wings hero Lieutenant (SEAL) Michael Patrick Murphy, and consists of the following:
Run 1 mile
100 Pullups
200 Push Ups
300 Squats
Run 1 mile
Wow. It was so tough. It was hot out, and I hate running. But, if you know me, you know that I’m all about our service men & women, so if they can serve overseas, then I can complete this workout. Since I’m still wearing the brace & am not back at full wrist capacity, I had to do some scaling. Instead of the pullups, I used my fancy pulley system that Mike made for me. For the pushups, I used an 18lb KB & did strict presses- and then the squats. There was a 60 minute time cap. One hour- it seemed like a long time to be doing work- but once we got going, it was fine. We started out the day with the National Anthem out in the parking lot with the American flag hanging proudly from the Froio’s car! It was awesome. Once that was done- we were off. 8 laps around the building. 8 laps. Around lap 2 I felt like I was going to die. I just kept thinking that this was just the beginning. I still had all that other stuff to do once I finished the 8 laps. I couldn’t get overwhelmed. People were passing me left and right, and I did start power walking after lap 2, but I finished that mile. I knew how I was going to break up the rest of the work- by 20’s. As soon as I finished 20 reps of any movement, I crossed it off my white board. The movements that got me were my strict presses and the squats. An 18lb KB gets heavy real fast. I also wasn’t getting below parallel with my squats- Mike caught me a few times, but at that rate, I would be glad to just get through the entire 300! While I was on the last of my squats, one of my friend’s from CF, Alex came over to motivate me and keep me going. This guy is so intense. He is the most hilarious person I have ever met, and one of the best motivators as well. He helped me get through those last few squats, and then said he was running the last mile with me. Mind you, he already finished his workout- the whole thing- and he was going to run one more mile with me. He’s crazy. I tried to talk him out of it, but he wasn’t having it. When I wanted to give up- he wouldn’t let me. When we got around to the second lap, we picked up a few more shirtless and very handsome male runners who were joining me for the last mile. My wolf pack of hot men. They stayed with me the whole time- ran when I could run- walked when I had to- made me laugh- and kept my head in the game. I cannot thank those guys enough- I wouldn’t have finished, if it wasn’t for them. I ended up completing the entire workout out in 60 minutes, 40 seconds. Once I was done- I gave a few high fives & immediately went to throw up. While in the stall, I could hear that someone else was having the same Murph reaction that I was having. We came out at the same time- it was Al. She’s freakin’ awesome. I lover her. She makes me laugh every class & I see a lot of myself in her. We just stood at the sink casually rinsing our mouths with listerine. This is a moment I’ll forever remember. We did- we finished. And this was only Monday!!!! I’m so proud of everyone who did this workout, and I am proud of myself for actually showing up and completing this also. 
I’ll save you the box jump drama from the middle of the week for another time- but it was not good- I’m still deathly afraid of that box, but I’ll get back on it soon. 
Yesterday (Saturday) I competed in our gym’s first ever internal competition- The BareCove Box Battle. It was absolutely AMAZING. I loved every moment of yesterday. I wish our gym had that competitive feel more often. This competition was legit. We had judges & a leaderboard- it was awesome. I can’t believe the amount of planning and organization that went into this battle. I am in awe at the amount of work Mike put into this- while still conducting normal box activity for the week. He is a superstar. So for the battle- athlete check-in was at 8am. Of course I was running late- story of my life, but I got there on time! We did some warming up & you could just feel this nervous energy in the air- it was awesome. My partner for the competition was Chris. He’s the other owner of the gym. He’s absolutely hysterical. I couldn’t have asked for a better teammate. He yelled at me just enough to keep me motivated, but not scared of him. haha. He did most of the work for our team during one wod in particular, and I can’t thank him enough. We worked as a team- we communicated as a team- and he even wore my Batman headband when I asked him to! We completed a total of 8 workouts yesterday. To say I’m sore is an understatement. But I’ve never had so much fun in my life. It’s weird that my idea of fun has now shifted to crossfit related activities. I saw so many people do things they didn’t think they could do, people battle through injuries, & at the end everyone was still smiling. That’s the true spirit of crossfit- get through the toughest workouts- cheer your peers on, and celebrate at the end. And boy did we celebrate! The beer & wine were flowing! Paleo life went out the window yesterday- we definitely earned it. I could go on and on about the actual wods that we did, but it was just too many. Our team- The Justice League came in 9th overall out of 24 teams. I can’t believe it- Top 10. I am still in shock. Everything about yesterday was so awesome. My parents even came to watch part of it- which really surprised me. My dad isn’t the kind of guy to go to these things. I asked him what he thought when I got home, and all he said was “that’s pretty intense-those movements that you do.” He was so impressed with the ladies being able to clean any weight. It meant so much for both of them to stop by & actually take an interest in what I’m doing. I hope that Mike makes this an annual competition. That would be awesome. I’m hoping for the next competition, my wrist will be in full effect. It’s getting there! 
I just want to stop and give a huge thank you to Mike, Lauren, Chris, Sharon, Harrison, & everyone at RCFBC for planning this event. Mostly to Mike- you are amazing- I’m convinced you don’t sleep & constantly have crossfit on your brain. I don’t know how you planned all of this & still kept our regular classes going without a hitch. I just don’t know how you do it. Lauren, Sharon, Harrison, & Chris- your motivation and smiling faces during the competition kept me going. You guys are so awesome. 
I am so blessed and proud to call Reebok Crossfit Bare Cove my home box.  The love and respect I have for the staff and athletes a like is completely immeasurable. I love each and everyone of you more than you’ll ever know. My life is forever changed & it’s because of my box and the wonderful people in it. The box battle was the first of many competitions I hope to be a part of. I can’t wait for the next one. It’s so weird to hear myself say things like that- I can’t believe I’m looking forward to another fitness competition! Crazy! 
So for now- I’ll wait for the advil to kick in, and get after it tomorrow. 
Love you all more than you’ll ever know!
My outfit for the day- closest I’ll get to six pack abs I think! haha

Some of the amazing female athletes of RCFBC! Love them to pieces! 
My completely amazing teammate for the competition! Thank you Chris for pushing me when I needed it. ❤