Let’s not get crazy now…

Hey everyone!

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, but things have been cray! Work has been incredibly busy- we went from having only like 10 patients to having close to 20! And each one of them is absolutely crazy. Seriously. I just wonder everyday- How did you even get dressed this morning? I don’t know- they are just wacky. In addition to crazy work, I’ve been seeing my (extremely handsome, amazing, awesome, hilarious) physical therapist twice a week, & trying to crossfit at least 5 times a week!! I feel like I’ve been abandoning my friends, but I’m not! I’m trying to balance everything- it’s getting tough, but I will not give up crossfit- it’s the one thing that I will work my schedule around. I never thought that I would find something I love so much, that I would change other plans just so I can make it to class. I guess things could be worse!

So these past couple of weeks have consisted of a lot of strength days & ridiculously crazy metcons. I swear, every day I read the wod, and I think to myself, “How the eff did he come up with this?” Exact thoughts that are running through my head right now, as I just read our wod for tomorrow- appropriately named “Suns out, Guns Out” since it’s going to be like 90 degrees out tomorrow.  I guess it takes a certain kind of crazy to come up with these workouts- and Mike most certainly has that kind of crazy- Love you Mike! 🙂

The most significant WOD from these past two weeks, was the Crossfit Total. According to the Crossfit website, “The CrossFit Total is a strength assessment that is the sum of the best of three attempts at the back-squat, shoulder press, and the deadlift, done in that order.” So basically, we had to find our one rep max weight for each movement. Once you find it, you total up the weight from each movement, and that is your crossfit total score. Since the wrist injury, I am having a lot of trouble getting into the front-rack position. Eventually, I’ll be able to do it, but it’s going to take time & more PT. I’m certainly not complaining about going to PT for an extended period of time! hahahahaha. Anyway, I got nervous with the heavy weight because I didn’t know if I would be able to handle it. It has only been a couple of weeks since I’ve been back on the barbell, but I was feeling like a hero, so I just went for it. One of my very first friends from OnRamp, Amy was working with me. She is a rockstar. She is an excellent motivator, and pushed me well beyond what I thought I could do. We started with the back-squat at 55lbs. I did it- and it was great- and I figured ok- just shut it down- don’t do any more. But Amy kept saying- you can do way more- I know you can. So she put 10 more pounds on the bar. And I did that- easy. So I said shut it down. She kept pushing me, until I got all the way up to 115lbs!!!! My original one rep max back squat was 65lbs- with a perfectly working wrist! WHAT?? Are you serious? Mike thought I could have probably handled another 10lbs, but he didn’t want to get too crazy. I was happy with that 115! Thank you Amy!! ❤
Next came the strict press. I was starting to load up my bar, when Mike came over- just pointed at me and said “NO- I don’t want you doing a one rep max press- kettlebell.” And that was it. I got mad. Why wasn’t he letting me do the press? We had done it the day before, and it wasn’t a problem. I knew it was for my own good, and he was probably thinking more clearly that I was at that point. I was on a high from my crazy back squat. Who knows what I would have done, had he let me continue with the press. I probably would have re-injured myself. And that’s what makes him an amazing coach. He knows when to have you shut it down- even when you don’t want to & you think he’s just out to ruin your day. Let’s be honest though, I was only mad at him for like 5 seconds- and then I got over it and realized that it would be stupid for me to do that. Anyhow, I got the 35lb KB press- easy. I tried to do the 44lb, but I couldn’t do it- it was just way to heavy.
Next was the deadlift. One of my favorite movements. I find myself getting into the deadlift position when I move stuff at work, which is pretty awesome- functional movements! I wasn’t sure how heavy I would be able to go with the deadlift. I was using a mixed grip, which is one hand over the bar, and one hand under the bar. It helps you lift a little bit more weight, and in my case, pick up the slack from my weak wrist. I started slow with I think like 65lbs. It was easy, so I moved up- I think it was a quick jump, right up to 130lbs. The key to the movements was being able to perform them with absolutely perfect form. I had already beaten my one rep max deadlift! My original one was 125lbs. So I added some more weight. I ended up with a one rep max dead lift of 165lbs!! A second personal record for the day. I felt like a boss. Seriously. The high I got from that day stayed with me for a couple of days. I couldn’t believe that I could lift/squat that kind of weight. I definitely impressed myself. I would have never been able to do anything that day, if it wasn’t for the amazing people in my class. Some of the guys in the class completely blew me away. They were lifting the equivalent weight of a decent sized male. Are you kidding me? They are nuts. But I love them.
So my crossfit total score ended up being 315!
These few weeks have also consisted of more kettle-bell swings and burpees than I care to count. But I can’t complain- I love that sore feeling. It makes you feel like you actually worked out hard.

I’m seeing my orthopedist tomorrow- I’m hoping that things are going according to plan. Although I’m not sure because on Friday, I got so excited while changing for crossfit, that I got my bad arm stuck in the ceiling fan!!! I felt like such a dummy. How do these things happen to me? It was the ultimate no rep. I need to be put in a bubble. Have a great week- If anyone is going to 9am class tomorrow- get ready- it looks absolutely INSANE.

❤ A

Mike standing by in case things went awry with the back-squat

115lbs!! ahhhh!! 
165lb deadlift- and a horrible face to go with it! 

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