It’s been awhile….


It’s been a while since I’ve written! Things have been absolutely crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. So big things- the 2014 CrossFit Open is coming up in a couple of weeks. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. Last year’s open was so much fun, and it really helped get in touch with how strong I really am- mentally and physically. Sure, there were plenty of open workouts I could not do RX, but still being able to be at my box, throwing down with friends, is worth it. If you have been thinking about signing up for the open, and haven’t yet- DO IT!! It’s fun, and we are going to do the workouts anyway, so you might as well!

In other big news, I was able to step up on to a 20in box a few weeks ago! Mike told me I had to start getting comfortable with the step ups because of the open workouts- there’s no way they won’t be included in the programming. Naturally, I panicked- and then very quickly looked to some of my fellow crossfitters for help. That is where the Monarch’s come in. I’ve written about them before- they are awesome. Elena and Mike- and their fabulous children have and continue to help me with many things- but stepping on that box was a major accomplishment. I reached out to Elena & Mike, because I knew they would some how be able to break through to me. I can’t explain it- they are just good at helping people and talking to them, so that they understand. We met on a Sunday afternoon- the Monarch’s, me, and that box. We started out slow- using the rig as a “railing” and then moved on to small boxes, etc. They were great with me- even when I started crying and freaking out. They knew all the right words to calm me down and get me past my fear. FINALLY, I got up there. It may have only happened once, but it happened. Here’s the video- it’s pretty amazing haha
Now, I’ve been doing WODS with box jumps- using a 16in box + a 45lb plate to step up. I’ve been practicing my step-ups, and I’m hoping to be able to have them for when they show up in the open! Thanks again to the Monarchs- you’ve helped me in more ways than I can thank you for! ❤

The Monarchy and I!! ❤

On that dumb box!! haha

Some more fantastically amazing news- I MET RICH FRONING!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me???? The Kill Cliff East Coast Championships were in town a couple of weeks ago. I tried getting tickets, but they were sold out before I could buy them. I even offered my first unborn child for a ticket to that championship. Rich Froning in my home and I won’t get to see him? How sad is that? I was on the hunt- I even put out a craigslist ad! But then an angel with blonde hair named Sharon came from heaven…or Mount Sunapee…haha. Sharon said that Chris has tickets for both of them, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to go, so she offered her ticket to me. I was literally speechless and so excited. I was going to be so close to Rich and so many other awesome athletes. I was also going with Chris, so the probability that I would actually meet Rich was significantly higher. Chris is a pretty sassy guy, and he knows a lot of people, so I was happy to be his plus one at this event! I was posted up right on the gates for most of the heats- JD and Spencer Hendel were SO close to me- I couldn’t even handle it. I was completely in awe of all of the athletes there- not just the “famous” ones. Everyone was incredible. CrossFit girls are pretty legit- like they could totally take any guy I know in a fight. Anyway, it was time for Rich’s heat to come up- he was teamed up with Stacie Tovar, Elizabeth Akinwale, and Chris Spealler. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Some of the best athletes in the whole world, and they were aptly named, “The Dream Team.” I had some inside info about what lane the dream team was going to be in, so I started to make my way over. Of course it was completely crowded, but Chris F. told me just to muscle my way through and get as close as possible. And boy, was I close. I could have touched Rich….but security was around, so I had to get it together!! I took no less than 100 pictures of him and the rest of the dream team. This is the closest I was going to get to ever seeing him compete in real life, so it was pretty freaking awesome. Then I got a text from Chris- “Do you want to meet Rich?” Like, my response would ever be anything other than a resounding YESSSSSSS! I was so excited. I couldn’t handle it. I got to go into the Athlete’s area and got to meet some of the most elite athletes in the world. Along with Mrs. Froning- who of course is the sweetest, prettiest human I’ve met! Chris warmed me up by having me meet Spencer Hendel. I’ve loved him since Regionals last year, so this was pretty awesome- When I first met him, he told me I had really pretty jewelry, obviously I blushed- because that is awesome. Then I met Chris Spealler- who is one of the CrossFit originals- he is so little, but so incredibly strong and nice. Then it was time. Time to meet the man- Rich Froning Jr. Fittest Man on Earth- 3 years in a row. I was absolutely shaking. I didn’t even know what to do or say. He was right there- like a regular person! Luckily, Chris took control of the camera, because I was shaking like a leaf. He was so nice and incredibly handsome in person! I still can’t believe  I got to meet him- me- just a regular person from RCFBC got to meet him. So cool! I can’t thank Sharon and Chris enough for giving me such an awesome opportunity. You guys seriously have no clue how much that meant to me- It was one of the best experiences of my life. And wouldn’t you know it, I had a PR the very next day- must have been the remnants of Rich on me!! Chris and Sharon- I think the world of you guys and can’t express how much you guys mean to me. You’ve been instrumental in helping to save my life. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you. ❤

My best friend, Rich and I! haha

Rich, Spencer, Chris, & JD!

So right now, life is pretty good. I’m just getting over a nasty GI bug- so I lost a few days of CF, but obviously my body needed a break. I’m looking forward to the open and I pretty much look forward to every new week of CrossFit. I never thought I would be saying something like that, but it’s true. No matter how much flack I get from my family about how crossfit “isn’t for big people like you” I just push their negativity aside, and keep on going. I’m not doing this for them- I’m doing this for me, and even though it’s tough, and I hurt, and I’m achy, it’s worth it. I’m not quitting- not now, not ever. This is my new life, and if my actual family can’t accept it, I know I’ll always have the love and support of my CrossFit family. Enjoy the rest of the weekend- see you guys at the box! ❤ xoxo
Rich on a box…those abs though….

Hurdle jumps- I was right on that fence!!!!

My amazing, silly, supportive, awesome RCFBC family. ❤ XOXO

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