THIS is CrossFit.

Wow. I’m completely overwhelmed with love and support from yesterday! In case you didn’t see the millions of posts, yesterday I competed in my first individual scaled competition at CrossFit781 in Weymouth. I was apprehensive to sign up, because I’m not an athlete- by any stretch of the imagination. I never have been. So I talked to my coach, and he sort of eased my mind, and I signed up. I was fine for a while- there were a lot of people from my box in the competition- so I would be at ease. Then the wods were released. One of them included 25 20″ box step ups. If you’ve followed me before, you know that anything having to do with a box is the bane of my existence. About a year and a half ago, I fell off of a box while doing box jumps and have had a mental struggle with any kind of box ever since. It’s just a stupid box, but it has caused me so much trouble! As soon as the wods were released, I knew I had to start stepping on that box- before class/after class/during wods- I just had to do it. So many people from my box (the box and the box- something I love and hate! HA), gave me tips, and stayed with me, held my hand and helped me get on the box. But I knew I had to do this one myself. This competition was real, and I wouldn’t be in the comforts or familiarity of my own box.
A week before the competition, one of my amazing coaches, Mike M, opened up the box on Sunday and allowed us to come and do a dry run of all of the wods, just so we could get a feel for what was in store next week. It was an understatement to say I was scared. Although the weight was light for the power cleans and thrusters (45lbs), it still took me longer than I expected. The burpees and the wallballs were gross- it’s two movements that I HATE, and that gas me so quickly. It takes me forever to do burpees, but I can do them. But it was the chipper wod that got me. 25 deadlifts, 25 box stepups, 25 abmat situps, 25 cal row, 25 jumping pullups, 25 stepups, & 25 deadlifts. All to be finished in 13 minutes. Yeah, ok- never happening. During practice, I struggled to get 12 stepups…Like really struggled, and I was completely discouraged for the competition. I just didn’t want to make a fool of myself in front of all those people. I’m already self-conscious as it is, being the biggest competitor, but not being able to get on that box would crush my self-confidence completely.
Finally, it was competition day. I was nervous and anxious and excited all in one. I saw a bunch of familiar faces from my box, so I got a little more comfortable, but I knew those step ups were coming, so I would never be comfortable until those were over with! Of course they were programmed last! First up was the wall ball/burpee nastiness. Dan was my judge, and I’m so glad he was there. He made me focus on just me and him and the task at hand- just block everyone else out. Dan- you don’t know how much you making me focus helped. I did the burpees at the best pace I’ve ever done before. It was awesome.
After that little number, came a 10min AMRAP of 5 power cleans; 7 thrusters (gross), and 9 KB swings. I thought this would be easier than it was, but it wasn’t. I had our head coach Mike L as my judge (I basically told all of the girls in our heat that I claimed him…hahahah). My sister and her boyfriend along with my best friend and her husband were there, and now I knew I had to bring it. This was my time to prove to my non-crossfit family and friends what we are all about. Mike- your coaching during that wod, was incredible- I’m forever grateful for you. After that wod, I was gassed, but luckily I had a few hours to kill before the final chipper wod was up. More time to kill = more time to think. I started to get into my own head and second guess my decision to sign up again.
Seeing all of these incredibly athletes made me think that there’s no way I should be here as a participant. I’m no where near their level of athleticism and what was I thinking, signing up for a competition at my size? How do I always get myself into these problems? I broke down while waiting and watching the men’s heat (I would normally be completely focused on no shirt wearing men, so that’s when I knew something was wrong)! Michelle- my biggest fan, tried to give me a pep talk, but it wasn’t working, and my heat was coming up. I don’t know who told him to come and find me, but Mike M, my coach, friend, and teammate came over just as my heat was announced. He just looked me in the eye and told me I could do this. I did it last week, and I could do it now. It was everything I needed. Of course I claimed Mike L as my judge again- I needed him a lot during yesterday, but especially during this one. I finished the 25 dead-lifts in no time, and then it was time for the box. I missed the first time I tried to get on there. Mike told me to shake it off and go again. So that’s what I did. I took some advice that Elena had given me a while back- just treat them like stairs-you go up stairs all the time. So I backed up, got some momentum, and got on that box. Then Jason, the head coach from CF781 came up and started cheering me on. Let me tell you about Jason. He’s on my man calendar at work (yes, of course I have a man calendar) I posted a pic of the calendar, and low and behold, one of my friends knows him and tagged him in it. We became facebook friends, and then his box hosted battle of the south shore boxes! He is such a nice guy, and completely welcomed me and my bare cove family to his gym. And yes ladies, he’s just as handsome in real life! hahaha. His fiance, Dani is gorgeous as well, and just as nice! So back to the box….It took all I had to get up there. But every time I did, the whole entire place erupted with cheers. It was so loud, amazing, awesome, incredible, and every other adjective!  Every time my stepped up there, the cheers got louder and louder. People that didn’t even know me- getting excited for me and cheering me on. I’ve never felt love like that before (wait- isn’t that a song? haha). I focused on Chris, Sharon, and Lauren in the back of the room. Their faces were familiar and everything I needed to keep going. Before I knew it, I was on my last step up. I got up there and the place went wild. I started crying, I’m almost certain everyone was crying. It was an amazing feeling. But there was still time before the 13 min time cap was up. I got myself off the box, and busted out my 25 situps, and then hopped on the rower. Was this real life? Did I really have enough time left to be on the rower? It was nuts. I said to Andrea before my heat went up- “my goal is to just get one step up in the time cap. Just one and I’ll be happy.” And then I got 25, followed by 25 situps, followed by 22ish cals on the rower. Yes, I was the last one to finish, but you know what, who cares? I far surpassed my goal and it was awesome. The entire bare cove crew busted through the caution tape and hopped over rowers and we had an amazing group hug and cry. So many people came up to me after the wod and said that I was awesome and I made them cry. I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do those step ups! But I’m glad to have inspired people along the way!  A lot of people, including Katherine, caught it on tape and posted it to facebook. There are so many likes and shares, I can’t even begin to count them. Then something really cool happened. Someone posted that video, and Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet, aka the fittest woman on earth reposted it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? And how could I forget this awesome bit- one of my coaches, Chris also works for Reebok, and gave Rich Froning AKA fittest man on earth 4 years in a row, my number and he SENT ME A TEXT MESSAGE congratulating me! I was shaking and freaking out- it was nuts.

Alex, me, and Mike! ❤
Actual text message from the champ!

Since yesterday’s video, I’ve received so many messages, texts, wall posts, etc from people from all over the country and the world. Complete strangers telling me that I inspired them. Me- the fat chick who crossfits inspired other people. It just doesn’t seem real. I’m so incredibly appreciative for every single person who was at the competition yesterday, as well as everyone who sent me a message or gave me a hug, etc. I am completely overwhelmed with love and happiness. Our community is the reason why our sport is the best. I am forever grateful for yesterday. I can’t even begin to describe everything I’m feeling. Just love!
But, I don’t want to overshadow everyone else from my box who competed yesterday too! Kate- my girl- it was her first comp too! You did so awesome, and I’m so glad you decided to sign up! Nina, Christy, Toni, Carol, Sadie, Katherine, Ali, & Nanette- you ladies are amazing. Such strong women, and incredibly role models. I aspire to be as strong as you some day. Scott G, Scott B, Brian, & Mike M- you guys are some seriously tough dudes. You all performed so well, and I’m glad to call you friends.

How could I forget the amazing bare cove supporters! Michelle- my number one fan- you are amazing and I can’t thank you enough for staying the whole day and cheering for each and every one of us. Chris, Sharon & the kids- You are truly an incredible family. Your kids are two of the most amazing children and I’m so glad you two decided to open up RCFBC. My life is completely changed because of you two. Chris- you don’t know how much you made my day by hooking it up with the Rich text. I’m still smiling! And yes, I promise I won’t text him or stalk him! haha. Elena & the girls, Sarah, Bob, Jami, Dan, Alex, Lauren, Kaylee, JD, Janine, Harrison, Mary Lenore, Phil, Hillary, & Hayden (and anyone else I may have forgotten)- Thank you. Just thank you so much. I can’t even begin to find the words to thank you. My life is infinitely better with all of you in it. Crossfit has completely changed my life, and yesterday’s support is what it’s all about. People helping people and respect. I’m completely overjoyed and bursting at the seems with happiness and love. Just a huge thank you to every one! If you need any more proof that crossfit is a cult- here it is. Yes we are a cult, and a pretty inspiring one at that. Much love to everyone. ❤

Thrusters….the struggle is real.

AMAZING. Love this so much.

Bare Cove team!!

Super strong Bare Cove ladies! ❤

Our crazy crew! xoxo

Simply the best feeling in the world. 

Here are some links, in case you didn’t see the videos:

61 thoughts on “THIS is CrossFit.

  1. Keep up the great work! My company, Beast Worx, just posted your video on Instagram/Facebook and it got mad love (of course)! Looking forward to watching your journey!


  2. This showed up on my Zite online magazine. You are so inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing. I got goose bumps, a few tears, and a LOT of motivation reading this. I just started Crossfit a few weeks ago. You Rock Girl!


  3. THANK YOU! I loved reading your story and hello Rich Flippin' Froning personally saying way to go – what could be better, right? Showing the love a CF family gives is priceless. I started Zone two years ago this November and modified CrossFit in March 2013 with my coach/hubby, as I suffer from Lipedema. It has changed my life! I went from barely being able to stand, to walking (2) 5Ks last year, and my new year's resolution this year (to flip the tractor tire solo) was crushed a couple months ago. I created a blog and support group for others like me and shared your story there today. Rock on sister, cannot wait to see what you do next!!! All the best, Pattie.


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