Benchmark Week and other things…

Hey everyone!
Hope you are all enjoying the last few days of Summer…How did it get to be Labor day all ready?? While I’m not happy to see the summer go, I am happy for cooler fall air! I feel like people are nicer in the fall too…I don’t know why, maybe I’m just wacky….haha.

Okay, to the important things…BENCHMARK WEEK(S)!!!!!! Every few months RCFBC does a couple of weeks of all benchmark WODS- mostly girls, and 1RM stuff. It’s awesome because you can actually see all of the progress you’ve made by just getting your daily workout in! We have a PR (personal record) board at our box, where everyone can write down their accomplishments! Usually it’s just one little corner of the board. This benchmark week it had tripled in size!! How cool is that? People getting strong and doing things they never thought they would! While I didn’t PR on every wod or 1RM max we did, I did have a bunch! Here they are:

CrossFit Total (1RM back-squat/strict press/deadlift):  470lbs. Previous was 430lbs!
Grace: 5:23 @ 75lbs. Previous was 5:10 @ 70lbs
Isabel: 2:55 @ 60lbs. Previous was 3:10 @ 55lbs
Fran: 10:48 @ 65lbs & ring rows. Previous was 11:40!
Diane: 7:57 @ 115lb dead-lift & 25lb dumb-bell strict press. Previous was 8:08 @ 95lbs!
Fight Gone Bad: 149 Reps- Less reps, but I used the 20in box for step-ups instead of a 16in!!! 🙂
1RM Thruster: 90lbs
1RM Strict press: 90lbs. Previous was 85lbs
1RM Snatch: 85lbs. Previous was 80lbs
1RM Front Squat: 145lbs. Previous was 110lbs!!!!
1RM Back Squat: 155lbs. Previous was 150lbs
1RM Deadlift: 225lbs. Previous was 195lbs!

I have to admit, seeing them all listed like this is pretty cool. Seeing the PR board tripled in size is pretty cool. Everyone at the box getting better and being amazing is pretty cool. I can’t wait to see how we all do in the coming months. Benchmark week has also taught me a lot. For example, Fran SUCKS. No matter how you scale it. It’s going to be terrible. I get way too nervous doing back squats, so I need to practice dumping the weight more often. I would much rather do a front squat any day. Sometimes I freak my own self out during wods. I need to have more confidence in my abilities. And lastly, I need to give myself a little more credit. I’m doing things now that I would’ve never dreamed of doing last year. My body is capable of some amazing stuff, and I should celebrate that, instead of put myself down for things I can’t do (yet). Now we are doing a month of WODs just from CrossFit mainsite. These are really awesome. So far, I’ve learned that I can’t do high rep snatches with good form…or high rep ab mat situps without being sore for two days after! Doing mainsite WODs is cool, because that’s how CrossFit started. I’m reading a book now called “Learning to Breathe Fire” by J.C. Herz. I highly suggest you pick it up & give it a read. I’m about half way through, and already I’ve learned so much about the roots of CrossFit and some of the original CF starters. If you go to RCFBC, I’m almost done & I’ll leave it at the box if anyone wants to borrow it (Elena has first dibs! 🙂 ).

In addition to these really amazing PRs, I’ve been working on doing more clean eating. It’s been tough, because I love ice cream (hello, who doesn’t?) but I figure, if I can get my diet under control, then I will be able to way more, faster. I’m going to be starting a really cool meal plan next week, called EverThin. I know it sounds something that’s going to be a fad, but I promise you, it’s not. There will be more on this product later- once I give it a shot and see how it goes….muhuhahahaha. I don’t know why I put an evil laugh there….that was weird…haha.

Other fun things going on- I’m in the process of making a website! How cool is that? I never thought it would happen, but with my new found stardom (just kidding…bahahah) I figured, the time was right. I’ll be sharing my blog on there, as well as my favorite products, reviews, recipes, & some giveaways! I’ll let ya’ll know when it’s ready to be published completely. I hope you all will stay with me on that, when it all comes together. I’m not as tech savvy as I thought I was, so it may take some time!
And I got to see the Boston Iron, Boston’s home NPGL team! It was a great day with even better people. Look up the Grid League- it’s pretty cool what they are doing! I can’t wait for the next home match (obviously, because I’ll get a chance to see my main squeeze, Spencer Hendel!!!!!!!!!!) haha.

Lastly, I want to share with you something that’s been on my mind for a while. If you’ve been following me/know me in real life, you know I’ve been all about trying to find a mate & online dating. Spoiler alert: online dating is the worst, and I’ve only encountered actual creeps (not guys that I only think are creeps- I’ve run them by indifferent parties, and they’ve agreed). I’ve never been on a date, which is weird, considering I’m going to be 28….but whatever. I realized the other day that I’m a pretty rad person (stealing that from you Rach!!) I have a good heart, come from a good family, and I’m pretty hilarious (at least I like to think so!). So when the time is right, I’ll find someone who will see all of my amazing qualities & be like “hey, she’s pretty awesome!” But until then, I’m going to learn more about myself, and make sure that I’m the best person I can be. I’m going to enjoy time with my friends and family & just do me. I may never find “the one” but it won’t matter because I’ll be wholeheartedly happy.

Another cool thing that happened this week- I signed up for my first outdoor obstacle course race! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I fall walking up stairs, I don’t know what I was thinking signing up to go up a mountain, but I’ll have some pretty amazing people by my side, so it will be so fun! It’s the O2X Summit Challenge on Loon Mountain in NH, in October. It’s definitely going to be an experience to say the least.

Tomorrow is KettleBells for Kids at the box! I can’t wait! It’s a WOD event to help raise money for homeless children in Massachusetts. It’s scary how many kiddos don’t have a place to live. Here’s the link if you want more info, or would like to donate to a great cause!

Enjoy the holiday weekend, and be safe! Love you all!

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