SECOND internal competition and other things!

Hi everyone!

So this past weekend was RCFBC’s second internal competition- The Ghoul Duel! It was an absolute blast. It wasn’t nearly as intense as the last competition, but we still got a pretty decent workout in. And of course, we were all in costume! How fun is that? But before we get into that competition, some other cool stuff happened this past week as well. For one, it was the end of the paleo/zone challenge (thank you, sweet baby Jesus)! I love paleo- but paleo zone is a pain in the rear end. It’s a lot of preparation and thinking, and it was starting to get annoying. However, I did see some pretty decent results from the challenge- while my weight and body fat percentage stayed the same (I don’t trust that machine, p.s.) I did lose about 8 inches overall. I lost 4 inches just from my thighs! Must be all those squats! Although, it’s less than what I wanted to see gone from this challenge, I’m still happy. All of my lifts went up significantly, and I feel better, and that’s really all that matters. Before I did my measurements, Mike said that he came across a picture of me from when I first started this journey. He showed it to me, and I was speechless. I can remember the exact day that picture was taken and I remember how I was feeling. It was move into the new building day- After we moved all the equipment into the new space, Mike had us do a wod with a bunch of burpees. We all know I absolutely HATE burpees, but I was still new there, so I had to just do it. I was the last one still going during that wod, and the ladies that were there got down and did every last burpee with me. It was the exact moment that solidified by decision to stay with crossfit. You can’t find the camaraderie that we have at RCFBC anywhere (I think!). We are a unique box- we are not as competitive, and hard core like some boxes, rather, we care about each and everyone & want to see everyone succeed at whatever they are trying to accomplish. That is a true testament to the coaches and members. You will always have those few intense athletes, but for the most part, we are all there just trying to get healthier and stronger.
I’ve had so many people in the last few weeks come up to me and say stuff like “you are such an inspiration” “you made me finish that wod- I thought if you can do it, so can I.”  “You are such a strong person, to keep coming here day in and day out.” This kind of stuff makes me feel so overwhelmed. I don’t feel like I’m anything special- or someone for others to look up to during wods. I go there- push my hardest, and go home. I’m not doing anything different than any of the other people there, but for some reason, people find me as a source of inspiration. I appreciate everyone’s kind words, but sometimes, I have to look back and make sure they are actually talking to me- since I don’t feel like I should be inspiring people. Maybe one day it’ll all click, and I’ll actually notice my accomplishments. But for now, I’m going to just keep doing what I’m doing & not give up.

Hillary & I from after finishing all those burpees on the fateful Saturday! 

Now onto the fun stuff: The Ghoul Duel! Mike asked me to do the decorations for the Halloween themed competition, so naturally, I obliged! My partner for this competition was Mike West. He was a champ. We went as Operation (the game). He let me make his costume out of a latex suit and wore it throughout the whole competition. Although we didn’t place in the top 10 (I don’t think- I didn’t even look), we had so much fun! The first workout was pretty manageable- one partner did a 20 calorie row, while the other partner did as many hang power snatches as possible- all for the entire length of the song “Thriller.”  That song is a lot longer than I thought. Once that was over- the song was restarted and we immediately went into one partner doing 20 KB swings, while the other partner did as many burpees plate jumps as possible. Once the partner got to 20 cal row/ 20 KB swings- partners switched. I’ve been doing plate jumps instead of box jumps, and for some reason I thought I couldn’t do them on Saturday. Thank goodness for our judges, Sarah O & Jeff B. They kept me going and kept reassuring me that I was doing great. It was only 5:57 minutes, but it seemed like 20 minutes. I looked at Sarah at one point, and told her I couldn’t jump on the plate. She just looked me in the eyes and said- “You can- you just did it- and you can do it again. You’ve got this Amanda- just don’t think about it.”  And I did just that- and went for it.

The next wod literally almost made me pass out. I’ve never seen stars like that before in my life. I don’t even remember what the whole rep scheme/wod was, but all I know is that it started out with 100 shoulder to overhead with a pumpkin (yes- a legit pumpkin), 90 ab mat sit-ups, 80 squat clean thruster partner throws (SICK), 70 double unders, 60 over-head walking lunges w/same pumpkin, 50 pull ups- and that’s all I remember- there was a bunch of other stuff too. The work was split up however you and your partner chose to do so. Mike did a bunch of the SOH, and I did some too. I think we split the ab-mat sit ups, but I’m not even sure- that’s where the stars began. The 80 pumpkin squat clean thruster partner tosses are what got me. Oh my lord. Hands down, one of the toughest things I’ve done. I would take burpees over that any day. Around number 20, I really started to fade. Thank goodness for the Monarchs, Mike & Trang, and my partner Mike. They pushed me when I really needed it- and let me rest when I needed also. My partner was so patient with me. I literally could not have asked for a better partner- he was so understanding, even when we were done, he said- I probably pushed you too hard- sorry for that. How adorable and understanding? That’s what I love about our gym- about crossfit in general. At about number 40- I felt like I was going to actually pass out. Mike M. gave me his water that had something in it- I’m pretty sure it was a pre-workout supplement mixed in- honestly, he could have told me he put cyanide in it, and I probably would have still drank it. LOL. After a minute or 2, we finished and my partner, being the best person that he is, told me to rest, and he did all of the double unders. Thankful doesn’t even begin to express how I felt at that moment. We almost finished the pull-ups in the 25min time cap. I was really proud of us. I wish I could’ve pushed harder, but I’m glad we at least got to that portion.

Some other fun that we had was throwing baby pumpkins into baskets- skee ball style. That was fun & I actually got one in! The final wod of the day for everyone was the best I think. Using your big pumpkin from the crazy wod, one partner ran a certain distance in the parking lot to the other partner, then that partner just all out smashed it on the ground. Mike said to me- “That last wod killed you- you should smash the pumpkin.” How adorable is he? I can’t even stand it. So he ran me the pumpkin, and I smashed the crap out of it. It felt amazing.
Overall, it was an amazing day with the great people that I’m proud to call my friends. I cannot say it enough- there is nothing like the bonds you make with people that are a part of your crossfit community. It’s such a strong part of my life- and it’s hard for me to think back to when I didn’t have these amazing people in my life. To Mike, Sharon, Chris, Lauren, & each and every one of the bare cove members- you are completely amazing. You have changed my life in so many ways- I am forever grateful. There are no words that I can say (or type) that will express the amount of respect and gratitude I have for you all. ❤

On another note, I just want to throw it out there that the three time fittest man on earth, Rich Froning, & I are on a first name basis:

Chris F, the best person EVER made this happen. Chris was in Berlin for the Crossfit Invitational, and asked Rich if he would take this for me. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? RICH.FRONING. I woke up to a message from Sharon with this attached, and my heart skipped a beat. It is the background to every electronic device I own, and it is also printed out and hanging at work. This is seriously the coolest thing. CF- you made my entire life with this- the only way this could be topped, would be to actually meet Rich (So if you wanna work on that, Chris….just sayin’). 
Left- 8 months ago; Right- last week- returning Rich a message- and actually seeing some changes in myself! 

Our amazing community of members at the Ghoul Duel! ❤ 

Damn Straight. 

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